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We are manufacturer of Roasted & diet namkeens, Organic food and other bakery products etc. Frankly, the word "healthy" has been bandied about so much it's become bankrupt. Applying it to food doesn't even make sense. That's because it is not food that's healthy: It's us, as long as we eat food that is nutritious or nourishing.
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We don't give diets, We give solutions

  • We combine the nutritional knowledge with the natural foods & herbs of Ayurveda to help you in maintaining good health without any side effect.
  • Healthy eating is not about strict nutritional philosiphies, dipriving yourself of the foods you love. Rather its about feeling great having more energy & keeping yourself healthy.
  • Plan your own diet & activity plan with the help of :-
1. Full time dietition to understand your eating habits.
2. Full time Ayurvedic doctor to understand your body.
3. Full time physiotherapist to help you in activity plan.
4. Body composition anyalisis to know your present body status.
Monthly Rs: 2000/-
3 Months Rs: 5500/-
6 Months Rs: 11000/-
  • Get FREE consultation with our full time dietitian & Ayurvedic Doctor any time between 11am to 7 pm (monday closed) during the package.
  • Get 15 day maintainance FREE with 3 months package.
  • Get one month maintainance FREE with 6 months package.
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